Although it is wonderful to have RagaMuffin Cats that rank high in the show rings, and Ike is a Double Grand Champion, our goal here at LuvNMuffin is to produce the best feline family member and pet.

If you are interested in a Show Cat, we will be happy to help you choose a kitten that shows potential in the show halls. Remember, it is up to the judges to decide how well a cat ranks and how closely the cat meets the written standard for the RagaMuffin Breed.

Breeder Quality kittens and cats are available and we can discuss mentoring of new breeders.


Please contact us for full address
Woodstock, GA 30188


Cell:  954-778-0197

We are located in the Woodstock area of North Georgia where the air is clear and the Foot Hills of the Great Smokey Mountains are less than an hour away. It is a peaceful section of the USA.


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