Cinnamon Swirl

" Cinni"
LuvNMuffin Cat Angelina Natural Mink


Angie is a solid Natural Mink with Aqua Eyes

Just Call Me "Angel"

Angel is a Sable and White RagaMuffin
Angel will be Retiring Soon

Evening Starr


Natural Mink Patched MacTabby and White
Petunia has now been spayed but will be remaining here at LuvNMuffin
as a very special member of the family

LuvNMuffin PaddyCake

Sable Tortoishell and White
Paddy has retired and is living the life of a Cherrished Pet

Encore Cats Francesca


Blue Torti Point and White



Blue Mink Tortoishell and White

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Savannah's Glory


Blue Patched Tabby and White

Updated November 1,  2015

Frankie is now retired and living in Lawndale, North Carolina

Charlsie is now retired and living as a sweet pet in Tennessee

Sweet Pea
 Has retired and is living with our Vet

Little Faith  is now a Champion.  She is a Brown Patched Tabby and White

She is a Natural Mink Patched McTabby and White

EncoreToo Runaround Sue is a Sable Sepia Tortoishell


Our Newest Mom


Angie Will Be Retiring Soon

Producing Loving, Sweet RagaMuffin Kittens

The moms below are now retired.