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   Ike was awarded 19th Best Cat in the South East Region of ACFA
His father is Encore Cats Complete Chaos who holds the title of
                           National Grand Champion

  Ike has been recently neutered and is now a member of LuvNMuffin Pets.  We are so enjoying
having his lovely face running around, sitting on laps and snoozing on the sofa or where ever he chooses.  He
has given many famlies his legacy and we are so proud of this boy.  His Grand Son, Tate has proven that he
can carry on what Ike started and is doing it well.

 Don Juan of LuvNMuffin Adult Ragamuffin Cat Natural Mink and White Aqua Eye Color

 Big Bear Cats Don Juan of LuvNMuffin


 Buddy is a beautiful Natural Mink and White

PurrfectMuffins Tate of LuvNMuffin is a year old in this picture.  He is the Grandson of  Ike, pictured above.  He has taken over Ike's position in the Stud line up and has produced some wonderful kittens with more on the way.

 "Tate "

Buddy came to us from a Cattery in California.  He has produced some wonderful kittens since he arrived.  They have his loving personality and even get his wonderful trademark nose print on occasion. 

 This little boy is Buddy's son Ziggy
He will look just like Buddy when he is
an adult, look at the smudge on his chin,
the little freckle on his nose.

Double Grand Champion LuvNMuffin Ike

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